ChurchKey Pub

 Where do I start?! Do I start with the Irish Pub atmosphere?! Or, do I start with the food?!

Shoot, let’s start with the food! We only tried two items, Corned Beef Sliders and their Pretzel and Beer Cheese!

The Pretzel was my wife’s choice!  

It was VERY soft but also it had a crisp skin! Just PERFECT! The beer cheese was, eh…. Redhook Brewery in Woodinville has a better version. 

I went with the Corned Beef Sliders! 

 These three little sliders were… AMAZING!  You would think the Corned Beef would be thick chunks but they actually slice it super thin! The dubliner cheese was a perfect touch! 

They also have a pretty big selection of drinks! 

I had their Caldera Ashland Amber. I highly recommend it! 

On to the next spot! 


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