Sample Saturday at Cristy’s Lumpia & More

What a beautiful day for some Filipino food right in our backyard, well somewhat in our backyard. This local Catering Company called; Cristy’s Lumpia and More, is located on Camano Island just outside of Stanwood! A 40 minute drive from our place in South Marysville.

I found Cristy’s Lumpia on Facebook because a family member liked their page. Once I saw LUMPIA, I clicked and liked their page. I started seeing updates for Sample Saturday’s. Because they are a catering business, this is their way of getting people to know what their food is all about! Today, they featured two items; Pork Lumpia & Beef Calderata.

The Pork Lumpia brought me back to my childhood, although not the exact same – pretty damn close! My grandma is the all time greatest at making Lumpia. If we lived closer, I’m sure the freezer would be stocked!For now, this location will have to do! $10 for a dozen on site here. They do have other locations to purchase from around the area check out their page for that info!

The Beef Calderata was what I would say AMAZING! Melt in your mouth beef with vegetables cooked to perfection, served over white rice. This is more of a catered option, so I highly recommend this dish if you have them cater an event!

They had doors into the kitchen, so of course I took a look because when you work for Hobart, you always need to see if they have one! And what do you know! They had a Hobart Mixer! After talking with the husband – I provided him with some information about our local office. I’m sure, if they need us – they will be calling!

Before we left, we let Olivia decide on some things to bring home!

Her choices were; Chicken & Pork Lumpia, along with Meat Empanadas

Overall, I highly recommend trying Cristy’s Lumpia out. We were not disappointed! I think I had 4 tastings of the Beef Calderata and Lumpia!

This was yet again, another successful trip trying something new!

Grams, Gramps, Erica & Olivia

Until next time!


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